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The television has become nothing more than a training ground for divorce and selfishness. Psychologically, our men have been gelded. The current all-pervasive atmosphere in movies and television, is that women and children rule, and men are stupid.

Oh, you don't believe me? YOU look at the evidence.

Wake up, and pay attention!

I couldn't tell you how many times I have heard women (of which I am one) say to me, in

my business - "I'm so glad to see women in charge." (Well, I'm not glad!) I hear - "Well,

if you want a job done right, get a woman to do it!"
  (Excuse me - what is that supposed to mean?) I hear - "There

aren't any good men around." (What a lie!)


    Mom rules the roost, Mom wears the pants, Mom leads, and Dad follows. What an

upside-down society we have! Aren't there any women left out there, who want a strong

husband with noble values, to admire and respect?


I own and run a business, and as a widow - (I was when I wrote this) - I would LOVE to

have a husband to share things with, to ask his opinion, and to let him lead. Now,

in 2022, I DO have a husband, and have since 2009, but when I originally wrote

this, I was a widow. All of this responsibility is for the birds! Women need to wake 

up, and treat the men as though they are the ones to be followed, not the other way around.


I am literally sick of my own sex treating men like they are eunuchs, or the pariahs of society.

There is nothing more admirable than an honest, upright husband who guides and protects

his family. Strong men make strong families, who make strong communities, who make strong

nations. Over and over, I seewives leaving their husbands, not because they are drinking,

not because they are cheating on them, not because they are involved in drugs, not because

they are beating them. The wives leave, because they want to "find themselves" - 

(whatever that is supposed to mean!) - or because they say "I'm my own person" - (aren't we

all?) - or because they "want space" - (then, they shouldn't have gotten married).


    For all of you Christian wives out there who are pursuing this course of action - may the

Lord have mercy on your souls! I don't care WHAT the mindset of the media is, or the mindset

of the majority! We Christians are supposed to let the same mind be in us, that is in Christ

Jesus, who made Himself a servant for His Bride. Whether you like it or not, the husband is to

be the head of the wife, and the wife is supposed to reverence her husband.


  While I am on the subject --- allow me to address another issue, to Christian  wives.


Unless you wish to rewrite the Bible, you have engaged in some wicked activity if you

have ever "plead a headache" or used any other excuse, to avoid being intimate with your

husband. The wife's body is made for the husband, and the husband's body for the wife. The

Word says that you do NOT have control over  your own body - the husband does, and he

does NOT have control over his body, the wife does. If you somehow think that you are

not in big trouble with God for playing what I call "sex head games" with your husband - you

are deceived, deluded, and in deep trouble. To make up an excuse for not being intimate

with your husband is playing the devil's own game. Satan loves to deceive, and believe

me - he is not concerned about deceiving most of the world - he has them right where he

wants them. He is out to deceive God's sheep - period!


Jesus said that the adversary never comes, but to steal, kill, and destroy. Well, think about

it - he only steals that which has value, kills that which is alive, and destroys that which

is established. There is no benefit to him to attack people who are already defeated, or those

who belong to him already - he attacks the believers. He has been doing that from the

very beginning -attacking families, couples, and relationships, of people who THINK

they are "good" people who are complacent - people with "good" morals.


I once heard a very powerful statement, from a movie starring Davin McLeod.  
  His  unforgettable line was - Satan is not opposed to good morals.


Think about that!


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