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          In addition to a severe lack of faith in God, there is a world-wide dearth of the truth.

         Never before, have I seen such absolute apathy, pure perversion, and wanton wimpiness. Doesn't anyone read the Word of God anymore? Don't you know that Jesus LIVES? Are you not aware that we are in the throes of spiritual warfare, and God needs WARRIORS?!?!? Since when do men who claim to be Christians, espouse homosexuality? Since when do WOMEN lead the congregations? Since when do women who claim to be Christians - espouse lesbianism? Since when are Christians - men OR women, afraid to open their mouths about the evils in society, for fear of "offending" someone?  What has happened to our MEN? When I was a child, men wanted to be MEN, not panty-waists. I can not remember EVER seeing an effeminate man walking around, clothed as a woman. WHAT is going on? Are there still people out there who know how to put on the whole armor of God, take up arms, swagger into the battle, and put the enemy to flight?


          Christians - how much leaven are you willing to swallow?


          Lord, HELP US! We have fake healers, imitating the miracles of God for filthy lucre - fake "Super Apostolic Ministries" - (and I use the term loosely) - sucking people into their congregations with promises of privileged revelations - "gold dust" falling in "church" services - "gemstones" falling from the sky - "disappearing diamonds" - "gateways" (those are DEMON portals) - "gold" teeth being put in people's mouths - and doctrines of devils.

         Wake up, CHURCH! You are asleep in the light!

          Then, we have, books masquerading as being "Christian", with titles like:
              "The Purpose Driven Life"
              "The Prayer of Jabez"
              "The Praying Everything"  
              "Boundaries in Marriage"
...and all of them have been swallowed hook, line and sinker by the Body of Christ; passed around, discussed, taught from,  and promoted as though they were another gospel! I am here to declare that the Church is WAY OFF COURSE, driven by every wind of doctrine, and not very effective against the enemy. JUST TAKE A GOOD LOOK AROUND YOU, AT WHAT OUR SOCIETY HAS BECOME! IT IS A JOKE - A BAD, SAD, JOKE.

         Ever since the NIV gained preeminence in the Bible industry, I have seen more and more watered-down, milk-toast preaching (not where I fellowship), and more self-centered, self-promoting, self-protecting, selfish people leading congregations right down the path to destruction. If God intended for His people to spend their precious time:

       ----- discovering their "ministry" and gifts
       ----- retracing their past for inner healing
       ----- fixing everything wrong with everyone else
       ----- looking "inward" to discover our "higher consciousness", and
       ----- examining our "belly buttons" (which is what it amounts to) -----

          Then, why didn't Jesus teach us that by His example?

          There was a time, not in MY lifetime, when people unashamedly stood up for the truth. WHERE are the warriors? It is my contention that my generation, and the younger generation, have been lulled to sleep by "The Inevitability of Gradualness" principle. The phenomenon is implemented in this fashion. Small changes are made, slowly and gradually - changes that are almost imperceptible. No one notices, if they are done in small increments. After a while, those changes are viewed as being the norm. If the changes were drastic and sudden, EVERYONE would notice. As long as they are done G-R-A-D-U-A-L=L=Y, they are simply "absorbed.

Want a good EXAMPLE? Try this on yourself - it will best illustrate its effectiveness:

         ----- Lightly grasp a bit of skin underneath your arm, with your thumb and index finger.
         ----- Now, slowly squeeze - applying steady, even pressure, until your thumb and index finger almost meet together.
         ----- Hold that pressure for a few seconds.
         ----- Slowly release the pressure, and let go of the skin.
         ----- Now, quickly apply the same amount of pressure, as fast as you can.

HURTS, doesn't it?

          Another example that women who had have children will relate to:

          ----- Contractions start out slow and easy and gentle - some so gentle as to not be felt.
          ----- As labor progresses, the intensity and duration increase to an incredible level.
          ----- Right before the baby is born, there is an incredibly strong, sudden increase in pressure.
          ----- Generally, shortly thereafter, the baby is born, in a tremendous release of pressure.


      If the hardest contractions were felt immediately, at the onset of labor, it would appear

to be almost unbearable - but they creep up gradually.



       Little by little, our nation has been subjected to more and more lies, more and more control, and

more and more decadence. The Inevitability of Gradualness concept has been implemented slowly,

subtly and skillfully, so that attitudes and behavior that would have once been abhorrently unacceptable,

are the norm in our society today.


          In the 21st century, we have and TOLERATE:


         ----- NAMBLA, the North American Boy Love Association - God help us!
      ----- GAY PRIDE MONTH - implemented by President Clinton in 1999, and endorsed by President Obama and   "President" Biden. An ENTIRE month - June - that has been declared an official time for sexual deviants to wallow in pride publicly, to celebrate their decadent behavior.

         ----- Homosexuals who flaunt their behavior and lifestyle.
         ----- Lesbians who fiercely proselytize young women.

         ----- "Transgenders", and I use the term loosely.
         ----- Television programming that would have been considered pornographic not that many years ago.

         ----- Abortion-on-demand, nationwide - (although Roe vs. Wade was overturned this year - hallelujah!).

         ----- Churches - and that term is also loosely applied - like MCC, the Metropolitan Community Church,

that cater to the homosexual/lesbian/bisexual/transgender individuals. As of this writing - July, 2022 - a lot of mainstream "churches" are also pandering to the LGBT elements of society.
         ----- Teachers in public schools, who are ENCOURAGING youngsters to question their gender.

         ----- Rampant role reversal, so that our children hardly know what is expected of a man or woman, or how

       to relate  to others in their upcoming relationships.



It is very simple - because the warriors have left the battle, and run home to be COMFORTABLE, COZY, and COMPLACENT.  Shame on those of you who call yourselves Christians, who refuse to stand up for what is RIGHT, and challenge the "status quo"!





WARRIORS win battles - WIMPS bask undeservedly in the outcome.


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