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  --------- HEALTH KILLERS ---------

- well, here it is!

NOW, for the health killers.  You wanted the truth; well, here it is! If you really want to restore your health - avoid ingesting the following foods. Yes, I know --- they taste good, they make food last longer and look better, but the people that eat them, WON'T!  They are part and parcel of the Standard American Diet, which I like to refer to for what it is - SAD.


Generally, these food items, or things containing them,  are found on the inside aisles of the grocery stores and supermarkets.  Some are in the bakery and deli, but most of the processed, packaged, canned, boxed, jarred food items are to be found in the center of the store.  If it has a long shelf life, it is usually loaded with salt, sugar, or additives and preservatives - none of them designed to give YOU a long life!

     All right, I know that you probably want to know why ALUMINUM is included. You are most likely thinking - "I don't eat aluminum!". Well, the truth is - you probably DO! Most people do, whether they realize it or not. Click HERE, to find out what I am talking about, or click the photo of the aluminum, pot and aluminum foil, above. 



     I am not talking about occasionally eating small amounts of these foods --- it is when they are a large part of your regular diet, and become a staple in your daily intake; the havoc they wreak THEN,

is major. Take a few moments to look at these HEALTH KILLERS, and investigate why they should not be regularly ingested.


                                    LET'S LOOK AT SUGAR

Here's a list of the MANY names & disguises of sugar in our food:

   sucrose    high fructose corn syrup   cane sugar   brown sugar   fructose   corn syrup  honey   malted barley syrup sucanat  turbinado sugar  invert sugar  powdered sugar glucose  lactose   galactose  maltose   raw sugar  confectioner's sugar   molasses 

granulated sugar


     Now, some of these are just fine, but the honey in most of our food is refined, heated, heavily filtered, watered-down honey.  Molasses is not usually blackstrap molasses, and raw sugar, brown sugar, and turbinado sugar are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from white, refined sugar.


     White sugar is totally devoid of nutrients. It rushes through your system, devouring your vitamins and minerals like a sponge, and kills your natural appetite with empty calories. White sugar is a killer.


     It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a nutritionist to figure out how destructive white sugar is to a human body. Time was, what was added to our food supply was simply white sugar, destructive enough in itself. NOW, the food industry is "gifting" us with high-fructose corn syrup, which is MUCH, MUCH worse! It affects male rats' sexual organs, and enlarges female rats' hearts; imagine what it must do to humans!


     THAT'S JUST GREAT, and just TRY to find a loaf of bread without it in there --- we only found 2! 


     Click on the Processed Cheese image. Take a look at how Velveeta "cheese food" has changed over the years. It used to have a short list of 8 ingredients. As of this writing, there are 21! You want to eat those things? It used to have to be refrigerated. Now, you can leave it out on the counter. 

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